Now, there are many young people who prefer apartments compared to home because there are many advantages to owning an apartment. One that you can choose is parc esta showflat. From the various options available, you only need to select the unit that best suits your personality and your needs during your stay in the venue.

One of the places in the apartment that also need to be considered is the room. You should be able to use the right room design so that your room does not feel full and narrow. Here are some room designs that you can choose.

– Urban industrial
Living in an apartment does not mean your dwelling should be boring and monotonous. Industrial urban style can make your living area more fun. Choose elements of elegant decoration combined with functional designs like curtains, coffee tables with wheels, retro chairs, and floor lamps.

– Work and play
The room can look fresh and young despite its small size. You can create a small but colorful work area. Focus on the details and make the corner more interesting. You can use a wall with a brick look to create a post-industrial impression. Use also decorations, simple bookshelves, and contemporary desk design.

– Lighting
Small and simple sleepers can take advantage of modern lighting elements. Use table lamps on each side of the bed. You can spend time in bed while reading favorite books. The chandelier will add a romantic side to your room.

– The bed loft with plenty of storage
You can use modern loft beds equipped with stairs and drawers for storage. Try to complete with a sofa at the bottom that can be where you keep a lot of stuff so that your room also does not feel cramped.