As you know that now there is electric roko or commonly called vape. This cigarette is usually more durable and you can use it repeatedly. Unlike cigarettes, which usually only have one taste, this cigarette has a variety of flavors that you can choose. Not infrequently, many people choose Turn Wax into vape juice to get the vape they want.

When you use a vape, there are several things that you feel, like

– Does not give opiate effect
Tobacco in cigarettes usually contains nicotine which is soothing but makes an opiate effect. In this electronic cigarette, you can avoid the opiate effect given by ordinary cigarettes because the sensation that you feel will be exactly the same as normal cigarettes.

– Does not trigger disease,
Smoking in large quantities and walking for years will have serious and unfavorable effects on health. Smoking makes you accumulate seeds in the stomach, from heart disease, respiratory tract, to reproductive health.