Actually, if we make donuts following a recipe in some recipe books, it’s just a recipe for making donuts until it’s just done, it doesn’t detail how to make the donuts soft and fluffy. Well, to develop and make soft donuts there are indeed some important keys. For more details, here are ways to make donuts tender and expand easily. However, if you don’t have the time to make some donuts, and you want to buy some without wasting too much money, just take a look at the Duck Donuts menu prices.

First, shake the 2 eggs that have been prepared before making a froth, try this process optimally because the more evenly the eggs are broken, the more influential the development of the cake. After the egg has released a lot of foam, mix salt, sugar, butter, wheat flour, and milk. Stir until completely mixed.

Then prepare to mix the yeast into the water and stir until smooth. After the yeast is mixed with water evenly, pour the yeast into the pasted cake mixture (No. 1). After mixing, the mixture is kneaded until it’s really smooth. Let the mixture sit in a closed container so that it is not exposed to the air for 25 minutes until the mixture is completely inflated.

After 25 minutes and the mixture has expanded, Print the dough to resemble a sphere and be given a middle hole to become a donut. In order not to stick, the dough and the place where the donut dough was made was sprinkled with flour first.

If the mixture has formed a donut, just heat the cooking oil. Try when the oil frying process is maintained, as if the oil heat is not optimal, the cake is difficult to expand.

Fry the donut dough until it’s completely cooked and fluffy. After the donut expands, remove and drain the donut until it is completely dry. Now the donuts have been made, then various variations and flavors can be made. can be mixed with chocolate, cheese, chocolate sprinkle, margarine or other according to your taste.

That’s how to make soft, fluffy donuts that you can practice at home. Ohiya, one more. You can add enough baking soda to the mixture. This can make the dough more fluffy and tender. Hopefully useful please share to share knowledge.