The thing that makes this Android smartphone become very popular in a short time, because of the overwhelming support from application developers, including on this Android platform there are thousands of games available for free play. In the meantime, visit the Online Games is One website to get the big fish casino cheats.

Furthermore, of the many free games on Android, not a few who have high graphics quality, which is equivalent to PC games or Consoles, so that the games available for the Android platform are very satisfying for users.

The important thing is that not all Android smartphones can play high-quality games, some of which are PES, FIFA, GTA and many others.

That’s because the games mentioned above require quite high smartphone specifications, some high spec requests such as RAM memory, CPU, and GPU.

Unfortunately, not all HD games can be played on any type of android, the reason is simple where the hardware does not support.

Tips for smooth and not lag when playing HD games on Android:

# 1. When you want to play the game, try to keep the remaining battery power by at least 20%
A battery that powers below 20 percent causes the processor not to maximize its work (to save battery), especially when playing games.

So the game becomes not smooth, even tends to be heavy when the battery conditions are weak. Which makes you uncomfortable. To overcome this, try before playing the game, the battery is in full condition.

# 2. Avoid other applications running when playing games
When you play a game, make sure to close the other applications that are running, so avoid only minimizing applications that then immediately open other applications.

This is because it will be very burdensome to your Android work system, which has to run many applications at a time.

By closing other applications when playing games, the game that you run can run more optimally.

# 3. Uninstall several applications that are not used
If there are too many applications, it will make a lot of junk files and cache that accumulate on Android.

The worst thing is to waste memory capacity on your Android. Which makes a memory on Android full.

With uninstalling applications that are not used, it is useful to ease Android work.