AMC ticket prices sound like an important thing for you since it tells you how much money to spend on a ticket, even more, if you never choose AMC previously. For your information, there are few factors that influence people when selecting the certain movie.

Word of mouth

Before watching a movie, often you don’t ask the friend to ask what movie recommendations do you want to watch? Or do you find out on social media specifically discussing films that have just aired? People usually do the research before making the decision to watch the movie. In addition, they will also be interested in watching a movie if there are people who discuss it. Which one are you guys? Watch because of friends’ recommendations or information from social media?


Cinema movie viewers usually choose the film to be watched based on who the director is. The survey results show that the director’s name and popularity are very important indicators for choosing a film. Despite the position of the screenwriter, producer, and director who played the most role in filmmaking, the director occupied the highest position in the decision to choose a film. This is because the director will appear in advertisements, publications and news. So, who is the movie director do you like?

Country of origin

There are American and Korean films that are loved by our audience. This Korean film is relatively new to the cinema network in your origin country, the number is still less compared to American movies. Somehow, you need to know that Korean films are more attractive to audiences than National films.

The popularity of film players

like what you experienced, this film player also influences the decision to watch a movie. Usually, the more popular the artist is, the greater the desire to watch movies. The audience considers good names to reflect good acting skills too. No wonder that quality players will choose quality films to star.