Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases. Cancer itself is caused by the growth of abnormal cells that can spread throughout the body. If not treated immediately, cancer can make some organ function in the body can not work properly. There are many types of cancer, ranging from lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, to breast cancer. Find out more about all these types of cancer by visiting hope4cancer.

However, the most feared by most women is breast cancer. Yes, breast cancer is a nightmare for every woman because anyone has the same risk. But you need not worry because there are several ways you can do to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. As for how, as follows:

1. Healthy Food Consumption
The first way to maintain a healthy body is to eat healthy foods. For, after all, the dietary factor is the main determinant of body health. To avoid various diseases, including cancer, you should regularly eat fruit and vegetables. Do not forget too, do not overeat, but naturally.

2. Sports
The next way is to exercise regularly. As is known, exercise is the body’s natural way to remove toxins and all the problems in the body. With exercise too, the body can fight cancer cells so it does not spread widely through the blood with its metabolic processes that increase estrogen levels.

3. Avoid Radiation Exposure
One cause of breast cancer is exposure to radiation or electro-wave, such as from gadgets and free radicals in the streets. To prevent the growth of cancer cells, you should minimize exposure to radiation. Do not ever put the gadget on the breast so as not to make serious problems in the future.

4. Check Start Now
Actually, the growth of cancer cells in the breast can be detected as early as possible. Usually, there is a lump in the breast area up to the armpits. If you feel there is a lump, then you should immediately see a doctor before it’s too late. Because, if left alone, it could be more powerful cancer cells and spread throughout the organs of the body.