According to Hilarie Cash Ph.D., founder of reSTART, the first inpatient care center in the US for internet addiction, internet technology is highly addictive because the impact can be felt immediately. Apart from that, you may want to check out the family offers from Spotify and Walmart at familyfitnessfood as well.

According to him, there are some simple indications to see children begin to experience ‘addiction’ internet:

1. The child’s online time begins to interfere with the normal daily activities of children such as mealtimes, study time, or coming to a tutoring place.

2. Children sleep late and look tired in the morning.

3. Children can not focus on the tasks and activities without online first before.

4. If parents try to reduce online time, the child becomes aggressive, anxious or irritated abnormally.

5. Children begin to lose interest in things that usually make them passionate, like hanging out with friends or playing outside.

Quoted from a psychology website, to help prevent online addiction parents can try the following 3 tips:

1. Limit the online time

The American Academy of Pediatrics says two hours is the maximum limit but Demetri Christakis, Director of the Children’s Center for Children, Behavior, and Development of Seattle Children’s Hospital thinks 2 hours is still too much and only suggests 1 hour. If Internet access is provided free and unlimited, it is feared will reduce the physical activity and social activities needed for growth.

2. Give them some examples

Parents are also responsible for setting an example of this. Do not spend hours with the gameplay when children are at home and do not focus social media updates while in the family. families need to give examples of how to use the Internet in moderation

3. Provide them with a family time

A happy family is not measured by the number of gadgets or even internet quota owned by family members. Family psychologists say that spending time with family increases the closeness between them. Togetherness is not only seen as much as time spent to spend each other activities together but also how well the quality of time that has been devoted to togetherness.