Month: July 2018

Avoid Using Smartphones While Doing Some of These Activities

Using a smartphone may be a common thing in the present. Even many people who can not get away from their smartphone. This is because many things are done on the smartphone and can only be done there. On the phone wholesale, you can buy and choose smartphones from various brands that suit your needs.

With a smartphone, you’re doing all the activities while doing other activities, but the risks are health problems and your safety threat. For that, avoid playing and using smartphones while doing various things below.

– Reduce the intensity of using the smartphone while sleeping. Your eyes can become damaged
This is a difficult thing to avoid. As if already a habit to do. Using a smartphone while lying will make your body more comfortable, but not to your eyes. eyes will become easily sick and damaged. In fact, your eyes can feel tired and sore. Try to reduce this habit, if not, then you will have the possibility of damage to the eyes.

– Using a smartphone in the dark can damage the retina
Using the smartphone in the dark can force the ability of the eye lens to thicken and thin. Pupils are forced to do dilatation that makes the eyes become tired easily. Vice versa, reading in a very bright state is not good for the eyes because it can dazzle the eyes.

– Use smartphone when running
Focus on what you do, especially when you’re on foot. The threat of safety may suddenly come. So, reduce the intensity of using a smartphone while it is running because it will worsen your safety.

– Use smartphone while driving
Many people do this because they do not want to be late in replying to a message from someone. In fact, this is a dangerous thing and not recommended to do. There are many cases of accidents that occur for reasons of using a smartphone while driving. That way, then your life can be threatened.

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Not Just On The Way, Air Pollution Is Also At Your House

The amount of air pollution due to the smoke from vehicles or cigarettes is already at a very alarming level. To that end, many people use electric scooters to reduce the various respiratory distress caused by pollution caused by vehicles. By using an electric vehicle, then you will help a lot of people because there is no smoke and pollution generated by the vehicle.

However, what you need to notice is that pollution is not just outside the room but also in the room like your office and your own home.
Maybe all this time, you think that air pollution is only on the highway or in open space outside your home. In fact, the danger of air pollution from within the house can be 5 times higher to produce. Some examples are the smoke of firewood when cooking, the inhaled mattress when sleeping, the use of household products (gas sprays, glue, color paint) made of chemicals, cigarette smoke, and when you like to heat the vehicle in the house.

The dangers of pollution from households as above are vulnerable to acceptance by children because they are a time-consuming group in the home. Moreover, if high carbon emissions are generated and poor home ventilation, it greatly affects indoor air quality.

It may be difficult to close factories, or not to use public transport every day. That way, it does not mean you become completely unable to reduce air pollution. Here is a small step to try, which will lead to major changes to health in reducing the resulting air pollution:

– Avoid smoking in the house (better not to smoke at all)
– Set the ventilation of the house well, like a chimney to cook in the house
– Clean the carpet, mattress, and sofa from the dust regularly
– Use air conditioner with air filter technology
– Do not keep the garbage too long in the house

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